Youth Provision Committee

Committee members are involved with supporting the Glastonbury Youth Council.
Cllrs Cousins, Donfrancesco, Henderson, Lokabandu, White, Price and Smyth

Next Meeting: 24th October 7pm

The New Basketball and Netball Practice Court in Abbey Park is now open.

The Town Council was very pleased to be able to open the brand new Basketball and Netball Practice Court in Abbey Park at the weekend – replacing the poor quality surface and single hoop which had been there for many years! For more information see

The Youth Provision Committee are delighted to announce that at the last meeting (November 2022) the committee granted:-

The Sweet Track Counselling Agency £1,500.00 towards their continued support to the young people of Glastonbury with their well being and mental health .

The Glastonbury Cricket Club £500.00 towards their funding of junior winter nets training.

If you are a Glastonbury organisation supporting the youth of Glastonbury, the Youth Provision Committee might be able to help you.  Please apply for a grant application form either by email to, and mark for the attention of the Committee Clerk Sarah Marks or phone 01458 831769 Monday – Friday 11 – 4pm.


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