Glastonbury has four electoral wards – St Benedicts, St Edmund’s, St John’s & St Mary’s – with four seats in each ward forming a Town Council of sixteen members.

The Mayor is Cllr Jon Cousins and the Deputy Mayor is Cllr Laiqa Brown

Glastonbury Town Council members May 2019. From top left to bottom right -Cllr Paul Lund, Cllr Christine Prior, Cllr Steve Henderson, Cllr Ian Tucker, Cllr Serena Roney-Dougal, Cllr Mike Smyth, Cllr Brian Outten, Cllr John Coles, Cllr Ian Mutch, Cllr Sue Barnet, Cllr John Keery, Cllr Denise Michell (deceased), Cllr Laiqa Browne & Cllr Lindsay MacDougal. (Cllr Nick Cottle & Cllr Jon Cousins not present)


The Councillors for each ward are listed below. Click on any name for contact details.

In addition each ward has a Facebook group where local issues can be discussed and councillors do respond. Just click on the Facbook icon to go to the group.


St Benedict’s Ward

Cllr Steve Henderson(Ind)           Cllr Ian Mutch(Green)          Cllr Brian Outten(Green)          Cllr Clive Bishop(Conservative)


St Edmund’s Ward

Cllr Nick Cottle(LibDem)    Cllr Jon Cousins(Green)    Cllr Serena Roney-Dougal(Green)   Cllr Ian Tucker(Ind)


St John’s Ward

Cllr Sue Barnet(Green)     Cllr John Coles(Conservative)      Cllr John Keery(LibDem)     Cllr Christine Prior(Green)


St Mary’s Ward

Cllr Laiqa Browne(LibDem)      Cllr Paul Lund(Ind)     Cllr Lindsay MacDougall(Green)     Cllr Mike Smyth(Green)


Town Clerk

Gerard Tucker

Telephone: 01458 831769 (10am to 5pm Monday to Friday)





Responsible Financial Officer

Jane Czornij

Telephone: 01458 831769 (10am to 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)





Mendip District Council

For information about Mendip District Council and the services it provides please see their website

Glastonbury has four District Councillors – one for each ward. They are:

St Benedict’s-Cllr Steve Henderson(Ind)  St Edmund’s-Cllr Nick Cottle(LibDem)  St John’s-Cllr Jon Cousins(Green)  St Mary’s-Cllr Lindsay MacDougall(Green)


Somerset County Council

For information about Somerset County Council and the services it provides please see their website

Glastonbury & Street have been combined into one electoral division which has two County Councillors. They are:

Cllr Terry Napper (Conservative) Cllr Liz Leyshon (LibDem)


Our MP

Glastonbury is in the Wells parliamentary constituency. Our MP is James Heappey (Conservative).





Town Crier

David Greenway is the Town Crier for Glastonbury.

Should you wish the Town Crier to attend your event please contact the Town Clerk on tel. no. 01458 831769 (10am to noon on weekdays) for further details or email