Climate Emergency Advisory Committee

Glastonbury Tor and storm overhead
Glastonbury Tor and storm overhead

Following Glastonbury Town Council’s declaration of Climate Emergency, a group of town councillors and individuals first met in July 2019 to discuss and support local projects that help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, protect the environment, and create a more climate resilient community.
Members: Cllrs Cousins, Donfrancesco, Osborn, White, Price, Smyth, Lokabandu, Mutch and Roney-Dougal

If you are interested in getting involved with the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee, please contact Serena. Roney-Dougal –

Tree Planting
Tree Planting

What the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee (CEAC) is doing

  • Open Day and People’s Assembly.
  • Support for the Towns Deal ‘Town Investment Plan’ bid.
  • Town Centre Refurbishments.
  • Appointment of Climate Emergency & Resilience Officer.
  • Supporting the development of Glastonbury Community Fridge.
  • Links with Friends of the Earth, Extinction Rebellion, the Conservation Society, environmental and community groups, food growers, businesses.
  • Local group activities: traffic slowing, tree planting, rewilding verges, volunteer litter-picking, and cycle-path clearing.

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