Unless stated otherwise members of the public are welcome to attend committee meetings as observers.

Climate Emergency Advisory Committee (CEAC) 

Following Glastonbury Town Council’s declaration of Climate Emergency, a group of town councillors and individuals first met in July 2019 to discuss and support local projects that help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, protect the environment, and create a more climate resilient community.
Members: Cllrs Smyth, MacDougall and Roney-Dougal

Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Committee meets twice a year and deals with grant applications and the Town Council budget.
Members: Cllrs Cousins, Henderson, Lokabandu, Manning, White, Roney-Dougal, Smyth, Henderson and Cottle

Frost Fayre Advisory Committee

Members: Cllrs Oakden, Roney-Dougal, White, Price, Smyth, MacDougall, Manning and Alderman I Tucker

Glastonbury in Bloom Advisory Committee

Members: Cllrs Cousins, Oakden, White, Smyth, Mutch and Lokabandu

Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee

Members: Cllrs Cousins, Manning, Roney-Dougal, White, Smyth and MacDougall

Planning Committee

This Committee meets monthly and is consulted on all planning applications for Glastonbury.
Members: Cllrs Cousins,  Lokabandu, Cook, Manning, Roney-Dougal, Smyth, Henderson, Mutch and MacDougall

Property and Assets Committee

Members: Cllrs Cousins, Henderson, Lokabandu, Osborn, Oakden, Cook, Manning, White, Roney-Dougal, Price, Smyth and Cottle

Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee meets regularly to discuss all matters relating to the workforce of the Town Council.
Members: Cllrs Donfrancesco (Immediate Previous Mayor), Lokabandhu (Mayor), White (Deputy Mayor), Oakden, Henderson and Cousins

Public and press are excluded from meetings due to the confidential nature of business.

Youth Provision Committee

Committee members are involved with supporting the Glastonbury Youth Council.
Cllrs Lokabandu, Cousins, White, Price and Smyth



2030 Committee ( formerly Resilience Committee)

Members: Cllr Cousins, Donfrancesco, Price, Smyth, White

St Dunstan’s Project Implementation Sub – Committee

Members: Cllr Osborn, Lokabandhu, MacDougall, Manning, Price, Smyth and White

Town Hall Revenue Sub-Committee

Members: Donfrancesco, Cousins, Manning, and Smyth

Neighbourhood Plan 

Members:  Cllr Cousins, MacDougall, Manning, Roney-Dougal, Smyth, Donfrancesco and Lokabandhu

Arts, Culture and Events

Members: Cousins, MacDougall, Lokabandhu, Manning, Oakden, Donfrancesco, Cottle, Osborn, Price and Smyth

World Heritage Status

Members: Cousins, Lokabandhu, MacDougall, Manning, Napper, Oakden, Roney-Dougal, Smyth and White

Town Centre Crime Reduction

Members: Cllr Donfrancesco, Manning, Henderson  and Oakden

Community Review Steering Group

Members: Cllr Lokabandhu, Smyth, MacDougall, Donfrancesco, Cook