Honorary Freemen and Freewomen of Glastonbury

Prior to the Local Government act 1974 and the creation of Mendip District Council, the old Borough Council could create Aldermen. This ancient title, dating back to Saxon times, allowed experienced Councillors of merit to remain on the Council without having to stand for election. It was both an honour bestowed and a benefit to the town to retain their experience. At local Government Regeneration the post of Alderman ended being deemed as undemocratic. Alderwomen and Aldermen can still be appointed by the Council as an honorary position for former Councillors, for example John Brunsdon becoming the first modern Alderman in 2019.

The appointment of Honorary Freeman is a way of recognising merit and long service to the Town. Honorary Freemen still have to stand for election along with the rest of the Council. In other towns and cities a Freeman held privileges and often did not have to pay local taxes.

HARRY FOLLIOTT SCOTT-STOKES was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 9 August 1967

STEPHEN COLEBEY MORLAND FSA MA(Cantab) was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 21 April 1992.

JOHN BROMFIELD was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 5 November 1996.

EDITH RICE was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury in the year 1989.







JOHN BRUNSDON MBE was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 3 October 2000. John Brunsdon came to Glastonbury in 1952 to join the Veterinary Partnership, retiring as Principal in 1989. He had a particular interest in Conservation and was the Chairman of the Glastonbury Conservation Society. In 2001 was awarded an MBE for his services to conservation. A Town Councillor since 1975, he was Mayor in 1980 and 1983, County Councillor from 1989 to 1993, District Councillor since 1999.




IAN TUCKER was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 2 December 2003.






JANICE WHITE was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 2 December 2003. Born in 1945 Glastonbury, became a Councillor in 1975. She has been Mayor twice (1986 and 2000), and has done much to promote the town, always defending it strongly when criticized! She helped to organise the original Glastonbury Road Runs. She is a farmer’s wife and a proud grandmother.






ALAN GLOAK Encouraged Glastonbury in Bloom‘s floral displays which are now award winning.







GEOFFREY ASHE MBE FRSL was granted the Freedom of Glastonbury on 14th July 2015 in recognition of his eminent services to Glastonbury as an author and cultural historian. Born in 1923, Geoffrey Ashe is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has dedicated much of his professional career to unravelling the history, myths, and legends associated with Glastonbury.  His seminal work, ‘King Arthur’s Avalon: The Story of Glastonbury’, was published in 1957, and it sparked a revival of academic and cultural interest in the town’s Arthurian and ‘Avalonian’ connections. The author, editor, and contributor to over 30 books.  His focus on Glastonbury has continued throughout the years, noticeably with the publication of ‘Avalonian Quest’ in 1982, and ‘The Landscape of King Arthur’ in 1987. He was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to heritage.