Glastonbury Town Council – Lowerside Allotments

Glastonbury Town Council – Lowerside Allotments, Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Town Council have a number of allotments at Lowerside (opposite Forsey’s Funeral Directors). Plots do vary in size, there is currently a waiting list, we are unable to guarantee the length of time before a plot becomes available.  Vacant allotments do come up so if you would like to apply for one the only criteria is that you must appear on the Glastonbury Electoral Roll and a Glastonbury resident.

Please note it is one allotment per a household.

Cost of the plots: £15.00 per year (or part year) and £10.00 for Senior Citizens at the Lowerside Allotments.  This will increase to £25.00 for all plots in September 2023.

The Allotment Officer regularly checks the allotments and monitors the upkeep of each plot and the surrounding area. Allotment holders are contacted if their plot has become overgrown or is no longer being kept in accordance with the Allotment Agreement.

For further details please contact Sarah Hallam (Allotment Officer) Glastonbury Town Council on tel. no. 01458 831769 (Mon-Fri 10am-1pm)