Citizen of the Year Nominations Open

Nominations are invited for the annual Glastonbury Citizen of the Year award.  There are many people who tirelessly undertake work on behalf of the town and its community.  These unsung heroes help to keep our community vibrant through their efforts.  Helping the elderly or infirm, supporting youths and their many projects, engaging and involving with businesses are examples where people have gone the extra mile for little or no reward, all for the good of the town which they care about so much.

Glastonbury’s Citizen of the Year is:

  • A person who has volunteered their time, dedication and talents to the community and the citizens of the town to make Glastonbury a great place to live, work, play, and learn.
  • A person who has made a positive difference to the lives of fellow citizens.
  • Someone who is dedicated to the community and concerned for others.  They may serve on school, church, sports, or community committees – or volunteer their time and skills in other voluntary organisations.
  • A person who has shown a willingness to work with others, who is enthusiastic about the town and its citizens, and who works for the good of the community.
  • A person with the qualities of honesty and integrity.

All nominations must be received by 3pm on Friday 5th April 2024 either via the online nomination form or on paper via the Glastonbury Information Centre.

The award will be presented by the Mayor, Cllr Indra Donfrancesco at the Annual Town Meeting on 23rd April 2024.

Online Nomination Form