Local Glastonbury youth launch ‘Lost Projects’ with a Skate Jam, In new event space for all the family.

Saturday 16th of September 10:00am till 19:00pm Lost Projects will be showcasing music, art and skating in a safe indoor space that caters for all ages and abilities.  Officially being opened by the Mayor of Glastonbury Cllr Indra Don Francesco at 11.30am.

Find them at the warehouse on Wells Road,  BA6 9QU by CRS Builders Merchant.

Lost Projects CIC are a grass roots non-profit organisation currently self-funded and built by its founders, Gavin, Andrew and Ed.

“It has been a passion of ours since coming out of school and not really having a place we could hang out and express ourselves affordably in a chilled environment. “ Gavin

“ It’s incredibly exciting and we’re something that has been needed in our community for a long time that we’ve brought to life. There is nothing quite like what we have created around here and we’re excited to share it with you! “Andrew

“our creativity started in a garden shed, imagine where we could have been now if we had had this creative hang out then” Ben

“I have been waiting for this project since I was a bored teenager in Glastonbury.  I am so grateful to the young team for taking initiative for all our future youth, we should all support this project “ Cllr Indra Donfrancesco, Mayor of Glastonbury

We are offering tiered sponsorship:

Bronze £25 – Your name on our proud sponsors board

Silver £50 – 6x 2hr skate lessons and name on sponsors board

Gold £100 – Skate season pass for 1 yr and name on sponsor board.

They hand built a skate suite, whether you are new or a seasoned Pro, you can practice and skate indoors, rain or shine! They also offer lessons to all ages and abilities.

Converting their 57 – seater local school bus (which used to be their school bus 16+ years ago) built a unique music studio, it’s an awesome creative space that is so different and chilled, it’s a mobile studio) where you can just focus on making music without worries.

There are local graffiti artists who bring to life the spaces too!

There’s also rehearsal space where you can feel comfortable practicing for shows/gigs/events, you’ll never feel out if place here, and they are on hand for support. Whether you’re wanting to learn new skills or are already experienced, the space is available for all.

Inclusive to all. Some places can feel formal and intimidating, if you’re learning or exploring your interests but you’ll feel at home with the team, they are there to make everyone feel like they can achieve their goals.

They are hoping in the coming years to obtain grants so they can make all the projects affordable for all range of ages and abilities and grow the local community’s passion for urban arts!

If you’d like to know more about the project and how it started you can find us here;