Summer Solstice Parking Guide

Let’s have a great Summer Solstice at Glastonbury Tor by respecting the special site, and each other!

People planning to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Glastonbury Tor are being encouraged by Glastonbury Town Council and the National Trust to play their part in ensuring there’s minimal disruption and damage to the ancient site.

Previous Solstice celebrations have seen irresponsible vehicle parking on Stonedown Lane, blocking access for residents, preventing farmers from tending livestock, and obstructing emergency vehicles.

Action was taken by the then Somerset County Council, Mendip District Council, Glastonbury Town Council and Avon and Somerset Police with the Glastonbury Multi-Agency Group to work jointly on a scheme to prevent these issues.

A safety scheme was delivered on Stonedown Lane to help reinforce a clearway along the road and so far this has been effective.

This year Glastonbury Town Council, Avon and Somerset Police, are working with the National Trust, to ensure once again, everybody has an enjoyable and trouble-free Solstice.

The scheme included a new bus stop, plus disabled bays for blue badge holders. Ample parking is provided in the town. You can view and download full details on the Tor bus by visiting here – services run every 30 mins from the town centre.

Camping and fires are also prohibited on Glastonbury Tor and the surrounding area. National Trust Wardens, who look after the Tor, will be patrolling. Police and parking enforcement will be patrolling too during the run-up to the Solstice on Wednesday 21st June. Penalty notices will be issued to those parked illegally, and where necessary, vehicles will be towed away.