Annual Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting

4th  April 2023 – 7pm-8.30pm
Glastonbury Town Hall

All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual
Parish Meeting. The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of all the local government electors
for the Parish. It is not a Meeting of the Town Council.

Members of the public (including the press) are welcome at the meeting, but the only
persons entitled to speak and vote are the persons registered as local government electors
for the Parish of Glastonbury.

The purpose of the meeting is so that electors can have their say on anything they consider
is important to the people of the Town.

An elector may also make suggestions and comment on anything pertinent to the people of
Glastonbury. This is very much welcomed and is the whole purpose of the meeting.

The Worshipful Mayor of Glastonbury
Cllr Jon Cousins


1. Welcome from the Mayor
2. To sign the minutes from the Annual Town Meeting held on 5 April 2022
3. Local electors to raise pertinent local topics for debate
4. Local electors to debate the topics raised (the time given to debate will be divided by
the number of topics so that equal time can be given to each subject)
5. Local electors to vote on which pertinent local topics the Town Council should consider
during the ensuing municipal year

Local electors will have two votes, these can be used on one topic, or used across two separate topics.