St Dunstan’s car park works – Survey

The Town Council has agreed to assess the feasibility of a scheme in St Dunstan’s car park to control the access into and exit from the car park and to improve the buildings. These works will involve updating the ticketing machines and the installation of discreet and sympathetic barriers to the car park. This kind of arrangement is commonplace in many public car parks around the country.

The project will make St Dunstan’s car park more efficient in terms of the revenue it generates for the Town Council to spend on services in the Town. This income generating asset helps to limit the need for rises to the precept, directly paid by households. Glastonbury Town Council has been advised that it is losing around £30,000 per annum from not having this level of control over the car park and around £12,000 per year from not achieving possible rents.

The total project including updating the buildings is estimated to cost in the region of £100,000 and therefore will pay for itself in two and a half years’ time. From year three onwards, this would be a substantial increase of revenue to the Town Council each year.

It is planned that free overnight parking and the present arrangements for disabled persons will be retained.

Please use the survey below to indicate whether you are in favour or against the principle of the project, as no plans are yet drawn. Plans will be shared in due course if the project proceeds and the Town Council secures funding.

This consultation will run for 4 weeks and submissions must be made by 5pm on 24 March. Alternatively you can leave your comments with the Town Council team in the Glastonbury Information Centre between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

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