Election Results for Glastonbury Town Council

St Benedict’s Ward
Indra Donfrancesco (GREEN)
Steve Henderson (IND)
Ian Mutch (GREEN)
Michael White (GREEN)

St Edmund’s Ward
Nick Cottle (LD)
Jon Cousins (GREEN)
Lokabandhu (GREEN)
Serena Roney-Dougal (GREEN)

St John’s Ward
Rik Cook (CON)
Paul Manning (IND)
Lilli Osborne (CON)
Zoe Price (GREEN)

St Mary’s Ward
Lindsay MacDougall (GREEN)
Terry Napper (CON)
Margaret Oakden (CON)
Mike Smyth (GREEN)

For full information see the Mendip District Council website

Those elected to Somerset Council are:

Nick Cottle (LD)
Susannah Hart (CON)

For full information see the Somerset Council website