Glastonbury Unauthorised Encampments  – update   1 April  2022

First permanent scheme completed and positive progress in other key areas

A scheme to prevent unauthorised parking and encampments in Glastonbury has been delivered, a second scheme is now a step closer, and progress is being made on permanent site provision.

Work is now complete on Stonedown Lane following a three-week closure and the MAG would like to thank residents, local farmers and road users for their patience and support

Meanwhile, following the release of a detailed plan for a permanent scheme on Bretenoux Road, we have listened and acted on comments and concerns raised by residents and will deliver an amended scheme.

The MAG is also identifying potential gypsy and traveller site provision and some positive progress on this is detailed below, along with an update on the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).


Stonedown Lane

Glastonbury Multi-Agency Group (MAG) with the support of the National Trust, has overseen the successful completion of the permanent scheme on Stonedown Lane with funding support from Glastonbury Town Council. This will improve road safety and prevent unauthorised parking. The scheme includes a wide earth bund and large boulders effectively narrowing the road. It also includes new disabled parking bays and a relocated bus stop, as well as new road markings and signs. Feedback from the local community has been positive and we can confirm that attempts to deface or damage signage or infrastructure, along with incidents of unauthorised parking, will be dealt with robustly.


Bretenoux Road

Detailed design plans for a scheme on Bretenoux Road were drawn-up and shared with local residents.

A number of concerns were raised about the introduction of a one-way system as part of the scheme. We have listened and acted on people’s concerns and as a result, an amended plan will be delivered later this spring without the one-way system.

The scheme includes a high kerb alongside a  cycleway/footway as well as double yellow lines either side of Bretenoux Road.

Further measures are available to deploy if necessary.

The plan can be viewed here Small Improvement Schemes – directory (

Monitoring of vehicles and enforcement measures are ongoing at Bretenoux Road prior to works commencing and will continue at sites across Glastonbury on a cyclical basis.

We thank the community for their feedback, this is now the final proposal and will be delivered in due course. Anyone dissatisfied with the process or the decision to go ahead with the amended scheme can comment here  Complaints, comments, compliments (


Progress on sites

Work is continuing on potential design and resource requirements to make the most of the Town Deal funding identified for gypsy and traveller site provision in Glastonbury, identified as the Enabling Project in the Town Investment Plan. We are nearing the point where we are able to start consulting on site provision in more detail with non-bricks and mortar communities and potential neighbours in relation to making a planning application.


Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

The consultation for the PSPO has now closed. We thank all those who took the time to complete the consultation and let us know what they think. There were over 800 responses to the consultation. Mendip will now be reviewing these in detail. This will then inform a paper to Mendip’s Cabinet to make an informed decision on whether or not to adopt the PSPO.


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