Glastonbury Unauthorised Encampments  – update

Works now imminent on preventative schemes

Work on schemes aimed at preventing unauthorised encampments at two Glastonbury locations is imminent.

Glastonbury Multi-Agency Group (MAG) is making good progress with permanent infrastructure proposals for Bretenoux Rd and Stonedown Lane, while work to renew double-yellow lines on Wellhouse Lane is due to take place before Christmas.

Initial Plans for a scheme on Bretenoux Road have been drawn-up and endorsed by the Town Council, and welcomed by residents’ representatives.

The process has now reached the next stage – a complete plan is now live as part of a consultation process.

Members of the public and other stakeholders can view this here – Small Improvement Schemes – directory ( and we will also ensure it’s available on the MAG web page (link below). You can email comments or questions to the team on

In summary, the scheme involves a cycle/pedestrian path bordered by high-retaining kerbs along the road, this will also incorporate a one-way system which can be viewed on the plan.

The consultation exercise will capture views and helpful information but the plan is not subject to planning approval. The scheme will however require putting through the road safety audit process.  Work is scheduled to begin on a final version of this scheme by the spring.

Following a meeting with residents and local groups connected to Stonedown Lane, a scheme to restrict parking in the vicinity of the Glastonbury Tor entrance is also set to go ahead early next year, pending final costings and completion of a works order package.

Monitoring of vehicles and enforcement measures are ongoing at sites across Glastonbury and will continue to be actioned as quickly as possible.

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