Let’s take care of each other this winter

As a result of what we have seen during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are many people in our community who are experiencing isolation, loneliness and mental health struggles. Some of these people have no local family or support network, and others find it difficult to reach out and ask for help. We are now faced with the perfect storm of Universal Credit reductions, furlough ending, the rise in fuel prices and energy bills and the removal of free TV licenses for the elderly.

Together, we need to do what we can to make sure our community is connected, supported, and doesn’t suffer through these difficult times.

This is a call out for volunteers, a new winter database will be started and this time we would like to create Community Contacts and localised volunteering. Ideally, each area of Glastonbury has 2 – 3 Community Contacts, with lots of volunteers that can be called upon for ‘buddy visits’, small shops, etc. There is lots of support available in Glastonbury – with Health Connections Mendip, The Opp Shop, the library, Glastonbury Community Fridge and Glastonbury Foodbank (as well as lots of others).

There will be a new flyer with some of the local organisations and charities who offer support, with useful phone numbers for people. As well as the main number, there will be a space for the telephone numbers of the Community Contacts.

Please email glastonburycommunity@gmail.com with your location and whether you would be happy to be a Community Contact or a volunteer. Please also email if you can deliver flyers.