A number of vehicle owners served with court summons

Enforcement action continues at pace in Glastonbury. A number of registered vehicle owners were issued with court summons at the end of last week with court hearings set for later this week.

The vehicles parked along Bretenoux Road failed to move when requested last month and their registered keepers have now been served with court summons. They are due to appear in court on 2 July.

The MAG continue to monitor the situation and note the number of vehicles are reducing. Options to prevent further unauthorised encampments continue to be explored with enforcement occurring on a continuous basis.

Previously vandalised Clearway signs will be in place along Stonedown Lane by the end of today (29 June) with parking enforcement taking place thereafter. We apologise for the day’s delay. We hoped these signs would be in place yesterday, but there was a slight delay by our sign supplier.

Last Friday James Heappey MP and other political leaders heard the MAGs progress to date where possible options were discussed. More detail on these will be shared with the community shortly.

Research is also underway to identify parcels of land that could be considered as part of any long-term solutions. The presence of the flood plain and the importance of many of the heritage protected sites makes finding appropriate land in which to provide solutions challenging.  The MAG are collating information relating to any land that could be considered, so that all options can be analysed. This includes more detailed flood risk assessments in some areas and also lists the allotment land. However, as with all considerations, alternative provision would be considered, if any actions would displace current uses. At this time, all options remain open for further consideration.

If you have any further questions or issues to raise regarding Glastonbury unauthorised encampments or the MAG, please contact Glastonburyencampments@somerset.gov.uk or phone 0300 123 2224.


The Multi-Agency Group consists of Avon & Somerset Police, Somerset County Council, Glastonbury Town Council and Mendip District Council

It is in place to work together to:

  1. Take civil enforcement action in relation to those who continue living in unauthorised encampments in and around the town.
  2. Identify and explore options to prevent further unauthorised encampments in the town. These options will be shared with local communities for feedback and to help shape decision-making shortly – so watch out for further updates when more information becomes available.