Somerset Sight – Volunteer Visiting Service

Somerset Sight - working with people who lack sight, not vision

Somerset Sight is a local charity which  has been supporting sight impaired people across Somerset for over a hundred years and in 2019 won the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

One of our services is the Volunteer Visiting Service whereby volunteers are matched locally with a sight impaired person for regular visits for company and support, and also helps alleviate their loneliness and isolation.

At the moment there are many isolated sight impaired people in Somerset that can’t get out with and may have little contact with others, and we would like them to know we are still working and are here to support them by phone or zoom.

Also our Volunteer Visiting Service is a lifeline to some and although it is not permissable for face to face visits, we can still start the process of matching a volunteer with a sight impaired person and they start their ‘visit’ by regular phone calls until the time they are allowed to visit in person.

Volunteers are carefully matched to provide ongoing companionship and support, and to help with a variety of things such as reading, correspondence, making appointments, going out for a drive or just a chat and a cup of tea.  Many of our volunteers visit the same person for years and firm friendships are built.

For anyone who is sight impaired and would like to know more about our services or if anyone would like to volunteer for the Visiting Service,  please contact us on 01823 333818 for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!