Glastonbury Community Fridge

Glastonbury Town Council responded to a request to host a community fridge in a small lobby at the front of the town hall. This fridge has now been operating for just over two months. There are approximately 25 volunteers working hard to keep the fridge deep cleaned and filled 7 days per week.

An average of 200 people per day visit the fridge, which is seemingly growing each week. This information is taken from the camera monitoring equipment.

5.5 tons of food has passed through the fridge in this relatively short time, which is thought o be the equivalent of 10,000 meals. The food is donated by Tesco’s Morrison’s, Waitrose and Aldi and does not include the local donations of food grown locally in either peoples gardens or allotments. It is estimated the total throughput would exceed 6 tons if this were also taken into consideration.

Social media interest has resulted in 36,000 Facebook Posts, with 9,000 interactions, shares and comments. Testimonials received include numerous incidences of families and elderly dependent on the fridge for a top-up during difficult times and homeless locals having access to food when the would normally have to go without.

Community spirit is growing with locals trading unwanted food with other community members as well as donating surplus to help out those who need it. Local businesses are also giving surplus including cafes with end of day fruit and vegetables and farm shops donating close to end of date produce. 300 eggs, trays of tomatoes, chillies and mushrooms have been donated recently by Wetherspoons. St Benedicts soup kitchen is using the ingredients obtained from the fridge to provide a hot meal in collaboration with the Food Bank each Friday.

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