Tennis Courts Refurbishment

Thanks to Glastonbury Town Council, residents of Benedict Street will be noticing a long awaited and much wished for change to the derelict tennis courts at the bottom of the street!

Glastonbury Town Council has identified thousands of pounds of unspent funds that have to be spent on leisure and recreation equipment.

Known as ‘Section 106 contributions’, these funds are generated through contributions from residential developments and the period in which they can be allocated is time bound.  In recognising the necessity to present a project that was ready to deliver, the Town Council applied to Mendip District Council and have been awarded funds sufficient to reinstate the tennis courts and five aside football/netball/basketball courts off Benedict Street.

The inspiration and enthusiasm of volunteers to reinstate the courts themselves did not go unrecognised.  Proof of community need and a desire for the community to involve and use the facilities carried significant weight in demonstrating to the District Council the benefits of refurbishing the courts.

The Mayor of Glastonbury, Cllr. Jon Cousins is delighted that this investment is now secured and that works to renovate the courts are underway.  He said, “when members of our community demonstrate that they are passionate enough about a project that they set about delivering it themselves, they deserve our wholehearted and full support.”

Preparatory works of the site have already started with Town Council staff removing much of the overgrown foliage and shrubs.  It is anticipated that the courts will be re-laid commencing the week of 16th November and, on completion, will be marked out ready for play.  Apologies are extended that the facilities will not be available for use until the works are completed.  Yet this really is an exciting development which will be used by many on completion.