Fire Engine access – Northload Street

Glastonbury Town Council has ascertained that there is no prohibition on Fire Engines using the pedestrianised section of Northload St and this information has been shared with the Fire Service.

The relevant extracts from The County Council of Somerset (Northload Street Glastonbury) (Prohibition of Driving) Order 1995

 Article 1.  SAVE as provided in Articles 2 and 3 of this Order no person shall cause any motor vehicle to proceed in that part of Northload Street, Glastonbury shown coloured  brown on the plan contained in this Order.

Article 3. NOTHING in Article 1 of this Order shall apply so as to prevent any person from causing any motor vehicle to proceed in the length of the road referred to in that Article if the vehicle is being used:

 a) For Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance purposes.



From a GTC perspective, there is now no reason known that Northload Street cannot be used by the fire service.