Glastonbury Community Defibrillators

Glastonbury Community Defibrillator at Northload Street West Car Park

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the UK, Anna Smith, the Assistant Community Responder Officer for Somerset, approached the community of Glastonbury to develop a partnership between Glastonbury Town Council, the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme, and South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. The pace the partnership worked at enabled this project to be completed and we installed two Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADS) in the town centre within a few Months!

The Mayor of Glastonbury, Cllr. Jon Cousins

“The project was actually completed two days into my second term as Mayor of Glastonbury and I am so pleased that one of my first Mayoral activities is to officially launch these community defibrillator initiatives. Despite this being a difficult time for us all, I am really proud that the partnership was able to deliver these lifesaving machines into our Community!”

Anna Smith Assistant Community Responder Officer for Somerset

“I first made contact with Gerard Tucker the clerk of Glastonbury Town council back in February regarding the opportunity to provide them with two CPADS. Glastonbury seemed like the perfect place to have these defibrillators due to its high footfall of tourists, pilgrims, and festival goers.

I had a meeting with Gerard, who was hugely supportive of the project. During such a challenging time his help and dedication to get this up and running was second to none. Within two weeks of our first meeting the cabinets and defibrillators were on the wall and available to the Community.”

Any other communities who feel they need support with providing  SWAST defibrillator packages please make contact with and they will put you in touch with your local Assistant Community Responder Officer who can help and support you.

Glastonbury Community Defibrillator at Glastonbury Information Centre
Anna Smith Assistant Community Responder Officer for Somerset with Mayor Jon Cousins