Please don’t visit Glastonbury until it is safe

This is the message that Glastonbury Town Council is sharing as it asks people to stay away until it is safe. Festivals and events in the region have been cancelled for the coming months and fans of Glastonbury are asked not to visit the town for the traditional Summer Solstice celebration in June in order to protect its community.

Gerard Tucker, Glastonbury Town Clerk, says “If you are a fan of Glastonbury, please respect this special place and our community. Our main priority right now is the health and wellbeing of our local communities. We love our visitors and once it is safe we will welcome everyone back to visit.”

Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage and spirituality for centuries and attracts visitors of all faiths and none. It normally welcomes visitors for the annual Summer Solstice, with its iconic Tor central to celebrations. This year all celebrations have been cancelled and visitors are asked to respect the local residents and stay away until Glastonbury reopens for visitors.

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