Statement on breaches of social distancing legislation

Statement from Glastonbury Town Council


Breaches of social distancing legislation

Recently reported incidents of groups gathering have been brought to the attention of Glastonbury Town Council.  The Covid-19 pandemic has placed enormous pressure on all of us, requiring that we conform to the guidance repeatedly relayed – Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save our NHS. Many of Glastonbury’s residents are isolated, lonely and frightened on how best to remain safe. As a Council, we are proud to support the essential work being delivered by the Glastonbury Covid Volunteer Group, through the delivery of essential items and the provision of help and support to our residents.

The gathering of people in small groups puts at risk their own safety, the safety of the police and undermines the enormous sacrifices that the majority of residents have endured to ensure their own safety and the safety of others is maintained. Please note there are no celebrations or gatherings for Beltane or May Day in Glastonbury. Therefore, please respect our town and community and unless you are a key worker do not travel to Glastonbury for any reason.

Gerard Tucker

Town Clerk