Tor Fair 2019

9th-14th September in St John’s car park

The annual Tor Fair will once again take place in the centre of town and the letter below, sent by the Mayor to local residents & businesses, explains why.

Dear Resident/Business owner


The purpose of this note is to ensure that all the residents and businesses in the vicinity of St Johns car park are informed of the arrangements for Tor Fair 2019. There has been a fair operating in Glastonbury for many hundreds of years, we are informed that Tor Fair is the second oldest continually run fair in the country.

For many years, the Tor Fair operated from a field near Northload Bridge, which presented some challenges. For a few years, the fair moved to the field off the A39 which is now a construction site for new dwellings. Glastonbury Town Council completed the purchase of the former Tor Field in late 2018 and applied to Mendip District Council for a change of use and consent to install tracks and drainage to ensure the access was maintained. Unfortunately the Environment Agency challenged the application which has caused a delay. With the support of specialist consultants, the Town Council is hopeful that we can overcome the Environment Agency’s objections and a revised planning application is soon to be submitted.

Meanwhile, to ensure the continuance of Tor Fair in Glastonbury, the organisers have the consent of Mendip District Council to use St Johns car park again this year. It is hoped that this will be the last time that Tor Fair will be in this location. As in previous years, there will be restrictions on the operating times of the fair and the noise levels will be monitored. St Johns car park will be used for Tor Fair from Sunday 8th September until Sunday 15th September. Thank you for your understanding.


Worshipful Mayor Cllr Denise Michell