Neighbourhood Plan

Glastonbury Town Council has the opportunity to engage with residents, retailers and business owners on how our town will continue to develop and grow. A neighbourhood plan is about the use and development of land, incorporating a vision, aspirations, aims and proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities. It may also deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues, such as housing, employment and heritage. Glastonbury has a number of unique issues to contend including the flood risk zones on the edge of town and the large number of historic sites.

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Within the Neighbourhood Plan, there are six focus groups being led by the following:

Trees – Kevin Redpath –

Green Infrastructure – Steve Henderson –

Travellers – Jon Cousins –

Heritage and Character – John Brunsdon –

Development land – residential and commercial – Gerard Tucker –

Contemporary Art – Emma George –


Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

In January 2018 a Glastonbury Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Questionnaire will be delivered to every household in Glastonbury. Please take the time to read it through carefully and respond to as many of the questions as you can. There is plenty of space to add your own thoughts / opinions / creative ideas to help shape the type of development you want to see in our community.

Through our roadshows and consultation events in 2016/17 we’ve listened with interest to over 1,000 responses. But we are very aware that many of you have not had the opportunity to have your say: to add your voice – your views, thoughts, and ideas – to Glastonbury’s Neighbourhood Plan. That is the purpose of this questionnaire: to seek your opinions and then add them to the responses so far.

The Steering Committee has taken all the comments from the previous surveys, consultations, and discussions and we have written these up as statements. We would like you to respond with your thoughts to each statement. Have we been listening correctly?

If only one section is of interest to you, then please complete this section and return it to us. We would rather have a partially completed questionnaire than none at all.

We want to hear from as many Glastonbury residents as possible!