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26 May Glastonbury Youth Council

Glastonbury Youth Council was formed to get more young people involved in the town. It holds regular informal meetings and aims to establish what young people want to see in the area. The Youth Council is supported by the Youth Provision Committee of

17 May A Personal History of Glastonbury

A personal history of Glastonbury by John Brunsdon MBE I well remember my first sighting of Glastonbury Tor in 1952. I had travelled on a pre-war motorcycle across Salisbury Plain, passing Stonehenge, to take up my first job as veterinary assistant t

16 May Committees

Unless stated otherwise members of the public are welcome to attend committee meetings as observers. A361 Members: Councillors D Abbott, J Brunsdon MBE, N Cottle, E George, J Keery, L MacDougall, T Napper, S Thurgood, I Tucker For more information ab

16 May Past Mayors

Past Mayors 1705 to present day 2016 Jon COUSINS 2015 Denise MICHELL 2014 James BARRON 2013 Susan THURGOOD 2012 Ian Christopher TUCKER 2011 William KNIGHT 2010 John COLES 2009 Edward Norman JAMES 2008 Thomas BILLING 2007 John BRUNSDON MBE 2006 John C

16 May Civic History

SHORT HISTORY OF GLASTONBURY’S RULING AUTHORITIES by Cllr John Brunsdon MBE Ina, King of the West Saxons, granted Glastonbury a Charter from his capital Town Somerton. This effectively was the start of the Abbey and estate of the twelve hides.

20 Mar Members

Glastonbury has four electoral wards – St Benedicts, St Edmund’s, St John’s & St Mary’s – with four seats in each ward forming a Town Council of sixteen members. The Mayor is Councillor Emma George and the Deputy Mayor is Councillor Denise Abbott

20 Mar Local Info

Glastonbury Town Council is not responsible for the content of external websites. Glastonbury Online Guide All sorts of info from where to find a doctor to what clubs and associations are active in the town. Links to local govt websites and info on l

20 Mar Neighbourhood Plan

Glastonbury Town Council has the opportunity to engage with residents, retailers and business owners on how our town will continue to develop and grow. A neighbourhood plan is about the use and development of land, incorporating a vision, aspirations